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My paintings have been described as elegant, complex and thoughtful. They are expressions of a space, be it intimate or expansive, a search to convey a sense of light and a mood. I am immersed in the act of painting where color, texture, value shifts and marks are decided intuitively.  I do not plan and find every search is unique. I am influenced by Vuillard, Monet and Matisse who said he dreamt of an art that is soothing and calming to the mind. I find solace in the act of painting. 


Christina Hammill Paul has been painting on and off since her teen years. After majoring in fine art in college, she built a career as a graphic designer and art director. There was never enough time to devote to her own art. Now semi-retired, she paints every day in her home studio. She works in acrylics with a new-found freedom from the subject, following the brush and being responsive to the act of painting, which makes her latest work varied and emotional. She continues to explore her visual vocabulary using nature and the figure as a point of reference and release. 


Christina received a B.A. in Art from St. Elizabeth University in New Jersey. After college she lived in New York City for 12 years and took extension classes in painting with Manfred Schwarz at The New School and Leo Manso at NYU. After moving to the Boston MA area in 1979, she maintained a studio at The Umbrella in Concord MA, took part in many shows and began to sell her work. In 2019, she retired as the Creative Director at Candlewick Press, a children’s book publisher in Somerville MA, where she had worked for 20 years. Now living in the Buffalo NY area, she continues to work part time as Creative Director at-large focusing on the design and art direction of some of Candlewick’s high profile books. Her current painting mentor is renowned artist and teacher William (Skip) Lawrence. 


Decorator’s Show House / Grace Millard Knox Mansion /
August-September 2021

Capello Salon / Buffalo 2022

Artwork East Aurora Fall 2022 featured artist at 21 Elm

Carnegie Art Center / January 2023

Wyoming Arts Council exhibit 2023

Decorator’s Show House / St. Patrick's Friary house /June 2023

BSA River Art Gallery May 2023

BSA Summer Exhibit / Carnegie At Center July 2023

BSA Catalogue Show / Springville Center for the Arts  2023

Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society / Project 308 2023

The COMMA / group show Inside, Outside, In between 2023


Honorable Mention for INSIDE  / BSA Catalogue Show / Springville Center for the Arts  2023

Third Place Award COUNTY FAIR / NFWS Watermedia Show / Project 308 2023


Buffalo Society of Artists / Exhibiting member

Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society

WNY Artists Group


1967-69 / Assistant Designer, Norcross NYC

1969-71 / Designer, Macmillan Publishing Co. NYC

1971-75 / Art Director, John Wiley and Sons NYC

1975-99 / Freelance Designer 

1988-94 / Senior Designer, Little, Brown and Co. MA

1999-2018 / Creative Director, Candlewick Press MA

2019-current / Creative Director at-large, Candlewick Press 


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